We stock over a hundred different fhave a peek at these guyslavours in strength from 36mg to 0mg most available in our local store, We can order stock if not availmy companyable in store (3 working days). Our more popular ranges are the titan fluid range from totally wicked. You should always be careful about the strength of liquid you buy as you don’t want to be taking more than you smoked using traditional cigarettes. This is why our staff are on hand to give you the best possible advice and to tailor these products around your individual needs. To keep up to date with current offers and competitions , check out our facebook page here.

What is E-liquid

What is E-liquid All electronic cigarettes, whether using pre-filled cartomizers or a fluid tank system, require e-liquid to produce the inhaled vapour. E-liquid Ormskirk {focus_keyword} E-liquid E liquid OrmskirkThe e-liquid is a simple solution that contains the following three components: Nicotine: The stimulant in cigarettes and the substance that is addictive in cigarettes is the nicotine. In our ‘mix your own’ range we offer nicotine in strengths of 54mg/ml and 72mg/ml, in our Platinum and Titanium Ice fluids. These are available in either a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine base and in volumes of 50ml and 100ml. Flavouring: Nicotine has no discernible taste. Therefore to produce the taste in your e-liquid a flavour needs to be added. There are an infinite number of flavours that can be used. We believe we stock not only some of the finest tasting and highest quality e-liquid flavourings, but also one of the widest and most exciting ranges available. We currently offer flavours within 2 ranges: the Red Label range, which includes separate Tobacco and Flavour concentrate ranges and our new Gold Standard Range which will eventually include over 80 flavours. The Gold Standard is a range that has been developed and made by Totally Wicked in our own facility. It uses only the finest quality UK sourced flavours and is a range we are particularly proud of. Diluents: The third ingredient of e-liquid is a diluent. The diluent essentially performs two functions. Firstly it is added to dilute the mixture of nicotine and flavours to the correct strength. Secondly it adds the part of the solution that produces the vapour that is inhaled and ‘transports’ both the flavour and nicotine from the electronic cigaretttry thise to the user. The common diluents used in our products are: Propylene Glycol (PG): Our Propylene Glycol is high quality pharmaceutical grade. Propylene Glycol helps to produce what we refer to as ‘throat hit’ in combination with nicotine and flavours. As a guide, our pre-mixed e-liquids contain a mixture of 80% Propylene Glycol and 20% Glycerine. Vegetable Glycerine (VG): Glycerine helps to produce greater vapour and adds a little sweetness. As a guide, our premixed e-liquids contain a mixture of 80% Propylene Glycol and 20% Glycerine. Aqueous Glycerine (AG): Our Aqueous Glycerine is high quality pharmaceutical grade, and is diluted with de-ionised water to keep the same viscosity as Propylene Glycol

E-liquid Strength

The strength of e-liquid is essentially how much nicotine the fluid contains in a set volume of e-liquid. We use a basic measure of milli-gram of nicotine per milli-litre of total fluid volume (mg/ml). This is how the solutions we currently offer denote the amount of nicotine they contain. This notation was defined to compare directly e-liquid to ci loved thisonventional cigarettes. For example, if a cigarette package states that there is 1.8mg of nicotine in the product, it means that each cigarette contains 1.8mg of nicotine. Therefore in a pack of 20 cigarettes there is a total of 36mg of nicotine. In comparison, an e-liquid of 18mg/ml strength denotes that there is 18mg of nicotine in each milli-litre of fluid. Therefore if you were to ‘vape’ 1ml of this fluid then it would contain the same amount of nicotine as in 10 1.8mg conventional cigarettes. More experienced users are now often referring to the percentage of nicotine in the solution. For example, each 1mg/ml of e-liquid contains by volume 0.1% nicotine i.e. 99.9 parts are diluent and flavouring mixture and only 0.1 parts of the fluid is nicotine. Using this notation, an 18mg/ml e-liquid contains 1.8% nicotine.